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Why ISOFacade?       






The ISOFacade-Unitherm will have the following advantages in comparison to traditional External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems:
      - permanent tear resistance of the facades
      - decreased costs for the user by more than 50%
      - no weather-related downtimes or building delays
      - no mechanic design errors due to the industrial prefabrication
      - no quality problems
      - shortening of the execution times about 80%
      - minimal disturbance of the users of the building during the building measure

1. Facade elements are industrially prefabricated independently of weather changes in the plant. As a result a constant     processing quality at a high level is guaranteed and the application of rational prefabricated techniques with accordingly     high quality standard becomes possible. By this rationalization of the manufacturing process the labour cost can be     lowered additionally.

2. Facade element with natural fiber-reinforced plaster is a new time saving and energy-friendly, innovative technology for     facade isolation and restoration based on entirely pre-worked, highly heat insulating facade elements, which may be     used for new and old buildings. The costs are lower than conventional Thermal Insulation Composite Systems, the     execution times very short and the disturbances by installation, noise and dirt not comparable to them.

3. No downtimes or construction delays on account of the weather dependence of the measures at the building.

4. Because of the industrial prefabrication there are no craft execution mistakes, no quality problems and no extremely long     execution times as in past.

5. In the area of openings arise diagonal stresses which can lead to the tears in the plaster. But this armouring kind (natural     fiber resistant to alkali) is suitable to the admission of the diagonal-directed shearing stresses and to the avoidance of     cracks in the corner area.

6. The big advantage of the facade element lies in the simplification of the work routine and the control of the cracks under     thermal hygrical situation (pozzolanic character). If necessary, elements can be exchanged with new elements without any     problems.

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