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Why ISOFacade?       



ISOFacade-Unitherm is the premium product of ISOFassade - a highly efficient protective system of the facade. ISOFacade-Unitherm is in the form of completely finished facade insulating panels (100 cm x 50 cm) consisting of a heat insulation layer, a mineral plaster mixture with alkali-resistant natural fibres as sub-layer and an extremely water repellent patent plaster layer. The elements are glued to the wall and if required dowelled.
ISOFassade offers a large
program of mineral and
polymeric final coatings


With ISOFassade Colours
your desires and color combinations can be easily realised
Special Features of ISOFacade-Unitherm:
  • The first facade heat insulating system without fiberglass mesh
  • Industrial prefabrication in the plant
  • Highly efficient facade heat insulating
  • Mineral plaster mixture with alkali-resistant natural fibres
  • High resistance against impact
  • Cracks free
  • Fulfils the requirements of the European guideline ETAG 004
  • Extreme water repellent by offperl effect
  • Extreme lasting protection against Algaes and mould Fungus
  • High resistance against dirt and impurification
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