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Why ISOFacade?       





Today's usual renovation technologies offer to house owners relatively in few cases
incentive to carry out a energy-saving building renovation . The costs are still too
high, the execution times too long and the disturbances by Installation, noise and
dirt too much.
This situation can only be improved, if new, time-saving, heat insulating technically
highly efficient, future-oriented renovation concepts for old buildings are developed
which make, in addition, also financially an application attractive.

ISOFacade element is a quickly applicable and energyfriendly, innovative technology
for facade isolation and restoration based on entirely pre-worked, highly heat
insulating facade elements, which may be used for new and old buildings.

In 2005 the system was awarded the Wuppertal Energy
and Environmental Prize. The advantages of the ISOFacade
elements are primarily their favourable price, their high
quality, high precision and short building time.

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